Say it ain't so.. we all fall down.

People have always said one of the problems with Hillary Clinton was she lied and did many things that appeared illegal. Let me tell you, she was an amateur compared to our current President.

Washington DC, has been paralyzed by various Trump statements, cohorts and choices for high offices within our government.

We all knew Donald Trump was a flawed human being, as we all are. He has brought in to our Government some of the most corrupt people that have made millions from being sleazy and illegal. Mike Flynn, was fired because he lied to VP Mike Pence or so the White House reported. No, he was being paid by a foreign government to be a lobbyist.

The Republican Platform was changed as he advocated for a criminal. It's beyond contempt to think he influenced one of our political parties. The reason given by the White House for his firing was he “lied” to VP Pence. Now that is another story. It is said, Flynn told the transition team he was a lobbyist for Turkey while being a Trump insider. The head of the transition team was none other than, Mike Pence. I would say Pence lied about knowing who Flynn was representing. This news is according to Mike Flynn's attorney. More to come on this house of cards Trump created. Next week,we will have the head of the FBI, James Comey testifying about the investigation and the particulars on indictments, if any. I have no idea who will be the fall guy. I believe Flynn may be cooperating with the government.


Rex Tillerson is under investigation by the SEC for defrauding the shareholders of Exxon. Being friendly with a foreign government is one thing, working for them is another. This story is just breaking so I am not that informed on it.


As far as Obama wiretapping Trump Tower, not true. The FBI may have been the one that collected data between Russian Government and individuals, connected to Donald Trump. They have info on Jared Kushner speaking to the Russians also. Who is going to fall from grace ? I doubt Donald Trump, as he has layered himself with plausible deniability.


News blurbs are coming out of the woodwork. I am not going to attribute any news source as it could be “fake news”. I am praying it is. Doubt it.



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  1. belladora

    Where are all the haters ??

    March 31, 2017