Life goes on

Yes, life goes on. Time flies by so quickly. Seems like yesterday I was just a happy consumer of news. Now, I am not so happy. It could be because I don't listen to Sean Hannity on Fake News. I am sure he could give me a laugh a day. Yes, that is what I miss, a good hearty laugh. These days, everything seems chaotic and disorganized with our government. I shut the news off completely for a few days and just went on FB and Twitter. Oh no, there is no peace there. I am trying to be positive and not allow things or people bother me. If I have to, I will isolate until people are not so defensive nor am I.


I understand people having opinions and write about them. I am one that writes from my heart and not my head. I owe no one anything and they do not owe me. I have always tried to be a decent human being and it has served me well. My family is the most important thing in my life. I have to understand, not every one is as fortunate as I am. They may have no one, or in a situation where they do not get validated by any one. It is sad but not my problem. I could never be a “yes” person to any one. To agree for the sake of agreeing is not something I want to do, unless you are dying soon.


I wrote a statement that was suppose to be a “general” statement and someone took it personally. It was not intended that way but I am tired of the whining. Everyone has to live their life the way they see fit. If they are thin skinned and can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. What I have come to realize that even politics is personal. Now, the Trump Administration is going to try to repeal and replace the A.C.A again after they failed the first time. Steve Bannon will be handling the negotiations and guiding the bill through the House and Senate. The man has no finesse at all. I don't know how it will turn out this time but I am obviously for repairing the A.C.A adverse to trying to reinvent the wheel. The way the bill will be judged by the public is, “how does it affect me, personally”. Will it cost me money or will I lose some health care coverage because of the change ? That's what it comes down to. The elderly in the nursing homes will be at risk, children will surely not be getting the proper care and many may lose health care coverage completely. Of course, if you have NO healthcare now, it won't affect you at all. Years ago, I worked for two doctors. There was no insurance coverage. They paid in cash. People only went to the doctors when it was absolutely necessary. Now we have what they call preventative care. That has increased the life span of both men and women to a point of ridiculousness. Now, doctor's will do surgery on an 80 year old that has no quality of life. They just run up the costs to where we can not afford it.


The greater good is served (IMHO) by letting nature take it's course more often than not. I know an 84 year old woman that received a pace maker without any authorization for her health care proxy. They added 5 miserable years to that woman's life. They got their money and she went through fear for the next 5 years. Her question was, “why did they do it?” This happened in my family and we do not know who gave permission for the surgery. My sister was her health care proxy, the 84 year old was in a coma and no one was consulted.


It is a good idea after a certain point in your life ( elderly) when a DNR serves a purpose. How long do you want to live ? After her surgery, she had to go in to a nursing home for complete care. What sense does that make ?


Just venting and writing with my heart again. I am strong, so have at it. No one has ever had to agree with me.





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Comments (6)

  1. magnocrat

    As long as its good to be alive and you have pleasures to enjoy, the pain and regrets are worth bearing. When its all downhill and slipping away that is the time for the blessed release of oblivion. When you get to forty you can’t play football so take up golf and when that becomes to much try bowls. Finally take a seat and watch the up and coming younger enjoy themselves. Freedom from pain and five senses are worth a fortune.

    March 29, 2017
    1. belladora

      Magnificent !! Isn’t it the truth. You put it so well.

      March 29, 2017
  2. Neighsayer

    sorry, the political bit first: you shouldn’t ask this administration to repair the ACA, you know they have no interest in actual repair, you’re only giving them a chance to break it. Wait for the next actual government for the repair, for now, don’t let these Nazis touch it.

    March 29, 2017
  3. Neighsayer

    sorry, more healthcare: issues of control and unnecessary procedures are very separate issues from coverage for the poor, this is the R’s bait and switch. Only people with money have “choice” issues. Poor folks have health issues and dream of any damned “choice” problem.

    March 29, 2017
  4. Neighsayer

    OK, now. You say your opinion, you take a stance, someone gets hurt, what are we supposed to do? Stifle ourselves, censor ourselves and grow tumors instead so that some of the 7,500,000,000 aren’t hurt by our thought processes and beliefs? By that theory no-one gets to speak. Lemme guess – you call a bigot a bigot? This is the choice we are offered, agree or disagree, to something like that, and only one answer or silence is allowed? These folks made the fucking ultimatum: “I hate these folks. Agree, or nah?” And if you agree, hate who they hate, you’re somehow not a hater, but if you don’t, you are?

    Yeah, sorry, they don’t want an argument, the trick is. shut up then. Screw that shit.

    I’m ranting, probably incomprehensible. What I meant is, “like.”

    March 29, 2017
    1. belladora

      You know what Jeff, they are entitled to their opinion and their news sources as am I. Thanks for the like. I get your point but refuse to not express my opinion. Call me a libtard, whatever.. many have tried in the past to change my views, ain’t happening. Be well.

      March 31, 2017