Is Trump able to hold office ?

Under the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, the vice president, together with a “majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide” can remove the president for being “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” No doubt the mere mention of incapacitation would summon a horde of lawyers to Washington to contest it or the meaning of every term.

What is strange to me is the people that "love" Trump do not see the man is crazy.  Why is that ?  You cheer him for allowing Russia to interfere with our election.  Why ?  If you want a leader like Putin, just move to Russia.  Leave my country where there is freedom of speech ( free press), no discrimination, no religious tests, where swastikas are a sign of hate, a government for the people by the people, there are check and balances on having too much power.  

I remember that commercial during the fall when it showed Trump saying he could shoot somebody and you would all still follow him. Every one of you that allows this new Healthcare bill go through will be hurt personally by it.  I should amend that statement and say unless you are young, make 75K or more a year, or you are in the top 10% and wealthy.  This is a bill wanted and paid for by the major insurance companies in the country.  They have spent billions lobbying, trying to repeal A.C.A..  Is this the reason you voted for him ?  I do not believe it.  I know most Trumpians dislike anything Obama.  So be it.  He is gone.  Forget the "fake news" and do the research yourself.  See how this Obama 2.0 bill will effect you. 

I have so much faith in the American people.  I refuse to believe this carnival barker, TV show host, can be so blindly followed.  

None of you have any doubts about his ability to lead ? That is scary.  The fact Mike Flynn had to resign in the 1st month of this administration shows you they are not vetting their people.  You must all love Steve Bannon, get your news from Breitbart News Network. Are you all faithful listeners to Alex Jones.  I still have more faith in the American people than to believe this describes you all.





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Comments (9)

  1. howlingatthemoon

    I am so furious I cannot even talk about any of this stuff. I am so appalled by my fellow countrymen. Sure, we all don’t like big government, but you don’t elect some bimbo to do the job, especially when he doesn’t have a clue what the job is. This is not the way to get change, to make things change. Every day since he took office it’s been one thing after the other. You hear all this stuff about how this is illegal and he just did something that could get him impeached yet NOTHING IS DONE. I can’t understand where all this disregard for the average American comes from—but then I was brought up with the idea that a president cares about the country, the whole country, not just a select few of his good buddies. They are now eyeing Social Security and Medicare. If they’re going to do away with Social Security, then I want every single penny back that I had taken out of my paychecks all those years I worked. Oough, it all makes me so damn mad!

    March 10, 2017
    1. mrmacq

      you have every right to be pissed off
      question is should you also be pissed at those that didnt vote at all?

      March 10, 2017
      1. belladora

        Yes, I am sick over it. No one to blame just hold his feet to the fire.

        March 10, 2017
    2. belladora

      Not healthy to hold it in. Vent and air it out. Being the silent ones has not helped us one bit. There is no regard for the people that didn’t vote Trump. This is not the country I was brought up in. Have faith, you never know what is going on behind closed doors at FBI and other investigative parts of government. It was good to find an out for Trump. Looney tunes.

      March 10, 2017
      1. mrmacq
        “There is no regard for the people that didn’t vote Trump.”

        especially here at thoughts eh?
        the turnip
        even though he said its time to bring america together, is doing the opposite

        March 10, 2017
  2. bebeq

    Well, apparently there are some people who seem to like the evil side of this world. Some may say that Hillary is bad, she is definetly not worse than Trump anyways. I admit that he is a very successful man when it comes to economical field, but he should just step out of the game, he can’t be a politician.

    March 11, 2017
    1. belladora

      I appreciate someone agreeing with me once in a while. It can’t just be me

      March 12, 2017
  3. towlparkjournal

    We are out here. My whole family (except my spouse and children) are Trumpers. It amazes me that they simply refuse to disagree with him. I almost feel as if they are in a cult. Every bit of negative news is “fake.” When I ask them if they think ALL media, including European is in cahoots to fool the American people, they just look blankly at me as if to say, “This does not compute.” But put Trump on the telly and they are mesmerized, cheering. I find it alarming beyond words.

    March 19, 2017
    1. belladora

      It is cult like. That’s his base support. It’s about 37% of the voters. Scary to think they idolize such a flawed man that does not care about them. Proof is in Health care and the Budget he put out (a bargaining tool). They are going to be hurt. Possibly he will see the light.

      March 20, 2017