Gloom and Doom

I stopped by tonight ( 2:30am) to see if there was some sunshine, some ray of light or hope to read. No, there is none.

I see many of the names I know have doom and gloom. So sorry you feel the world is full of conspiracies and evil people in our Government.  

Donald Trump's Presidency brought me to some reality.  This country is stronger than one man, one party, one group of people.  It is strong enough to carry on the sense of patriotism I feel when I watch C Span, when I see our divided House of Reps come together, after a lone "nut" decided to inflict pain and death to people he disagreed with. I was struck by the heroism of one of policeman that put his life on the line with many other law enforcement and protected "the people" on that field.  They didn't ask what party they were from, they had a job to do and they did it.  We have a job to do.  Appreciate every man and women that put their lives on the line to save lives.  There was no question of male, female, Republican or Democrat, no question of race or religion.  Like every day people they did their job.  

Can we do our job and support others, stop with the hate and fear mongering.  Try living your life with a litte appreciation for the fact, you woke up.  No matter how miserable and stubborn you are, I am sure there is someone that cares.  If there isn't, remember, I do.  I may not like your politics, your biases, or your dark outlook on life but I do care because you are a living human being.  You were given life to live not to constantly bitch and moan.  

This is the "Shut In Lady" who will take my life and be grateful for what I have.  Not complain about what other's have.  

Remember the song "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" !!  Try that for a day.  

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Comments (1)

  1. Bettymom

    I’m not usually filled with doom and gloom – but I slept until 3:00am today!!

    June 18, 2017