Erik Prince Unofficial envoy for Trump to Russia

Erik Prince was the owner of Blackwater, the company that paid mercenaries in the Iraq War. He laughed at our enlisted men, that were being paid by the Military and has the audacity to compare them to his overpaid “guns for hire” that killed for the sake of killing. I saw this man testify before the Senate about numerous incidents of “murderous drunken" behavior of the men he hired. The Iraq War was contracted out to his company after our enlisted men did all the hard work. He made billions of dollars on the War. His company was for hire to any country willing to pay. There was no moral compass guiding this greedy individual.

To know he is a player in the Trump Administration makes sense to me. Same motivation, greed ! I do not know how these people sleep at night. Our enlisted men lost legs, arms, for their military pay and to serve their country. This guy Prince is the dark side of humanity. He had no greater good in mind. He represents everything that is wrong with capitalism.

He contributed 250k to the Trump campaign and has had major influence on the way we conduct our military. He has been called an envoy (unofficial) to Russia. They call it a “back door” for negotiations.

Erik Prince is a point for influence peddling that has become this administration's trademark. He is tied into an unaccountable military financed by an unaccountable money power. And he was out there brokering deals in our name. This might make a kind of mad sense if the administration on whose behalf he was running these errands weren't filled with incompetence.


Money does not give you common sense or an IQ. 

It's clear that Erik Prince, through Betsy DeVos, through Robert Mercer and through his very right-wing paramilitary crowd, has the ear of President-elect Donald Trump. Prince has even been advising Trump on his selections for the staffing of the Defense Department and the State Department.   
Just as an aside, we have been moving troops in to Syria over the past few weeks.  For what ??
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