Apocalypse, End of the World Again

I was asked to watch a few videos based on scripture and see if I saw the light.  One in particular left a major impression on me.  The person's name is Kleck and the video was in 2 parts called Exile.  The person that asked me to do this was my middle son. He had some sort of epiphany or break down in 2000.  He reads scripture and interpts it in his paranoid way.

After "spreading the word" he had alienated many in my family.  His truth is not necessarily ours.  He does not raise the issue of his deepest beliefs during our social events. Many thought he was stark raving mad.  He would never swear, gossip, use God's name in vain, direspect anyone but he was stepping on other people's peace.  It has now been close to 17 years and he is affable and polite in all situations. I am his Mother so he is able to drop his guard and share his beliefs with me and his wife.  

We have two hour conversations and I listen very carefully. His beliefs are so deep, he is not open to any other views but his own.  He has been this way since a psychotic break in 2000.  As a family, we love him and respect his right to his beliefs.  There is no religious, biblical, deep state, conversation that he has the right to impose on others. My responsibility as his Mother is to listen.  I also try to shed some light in his flawed reasoning and interpretation of scripture.  I am not a student of the Bible, so he can reference 10 scriptures to my one protest of absurdity.

He has told me, Obama is the anti Christ.  He reads all the alt right wing information and watches it on You Tube.  He believes Obama is a Muslim, Michelle is a man and other ridiculous myths that are promoted on these sites.  He is brainwashed.  On any other topic, he can discuss rationally. It is so sad for me as his Mother, to see the waste of a human mind with his beliefs.  No one will ever change them,  he and his wife are on the same page therefore no one has to, as long as he does not impose them on others.  

I watched and read a few things he asked me to. They are so out of the mainstream, it is frightening.  He will be here Sunday and once again, I must let him know I am offended. Possibly, that is the wrong word to use.  I am broken hearted he lives in the world that promotes conspiracy theories.  Truthfully, he is not crazy but to many he may seem it.  

There are many people that believe these conspiracies are true. In my rational world, after being alive for many years, I believe them to be rubbish for the most part.  For many weak minded people, they need to cling to something, other than using their own minds.  They are a blank slate waiting for the end of the world. A lot of these people need a leader and Trump has let them down.  They voted for him as he was not Hillary.  He promised he would make their world better.  He has delivered nothing but chaos and undermined this country.  

I share this as I know my son and love him no matter his beliefs.  I do not have to believe as he does. He lost his best friend in 1999 and it has altered his life.  He speaks to God often.  

Fortunately, he has a loving family that has come to understand him and love him, flaws and all just as he loves us with our flaws.  



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Comments (2)

  1. Walkaboutman

    If you visit any mental hospital, you will find at least 2-3 Jesus Christ’s.
    Conspiracy’s and what Ifs can drive you mad, you question everything and in the end wonder if “they” are trying to make you think one thing while meaning another,reading between the lines can lead to a brain overload and a loss of reality and soon everything is not as it appears to be.

    August 08, 2017
    1. belladora

      I know, he doesn’t belong there but I understand it is a illness. I wish others could self diagnose as my son has accepted. Thank you.

      August 08, 2017