"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." Ralph Waldo Emerson
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  1. howlingatthemoon

    Thank you falettinme be mice elf agin. Just came back from seeing the “Summer of Love” art exhibit -um, it wasn’t worth the $25 it cost to get in (plus more since we always have to stop and eat or at least have coffee at any museum’s cafeteria, it’s tradition). They should have called this “someone who was never a hippy nor had much to do with that ‘Summer’ anywhere in the world’s idea of what it must have been like.” The clothing no true hippy could ever afford. The “embroidered” patches on the jeans were all those iron-on kind which didn’t really get faked until after most of the hippy movement was dead. They did have some of the original Fillmore/Aragon/park posters which were-I remember what it took to print those things back then, it wasn’t just a matter of scanning and pushing a button, you had do mechnicals and color separations print color overlays. BUT, young people were so much more creative back then, even the way they remade and individualized clothing (probably because no one had enough money to buy the Macys/Gap knock offs). Everyone going through this exhibit was around my age! Got to talking to one guy about “our” music and how fantastic it was, what great mix of styles and genres, not just black music or white music, not just folk or rock or jazz or salsa, but all mixed together. But ALL the pins they had at this exhibit were fake. I have pins from back then, haven’t worn them and just have had them hanging on a piece of fabric protected from the elements and they look 45 years old but the ones at the museum all were bright and clean and they didn’t even have anything with “War is not healthy for children or other living things”—I mean, that was standard. No peace signs either. No macrame. The exhibit had this one room with just beanbag chairs here and there but had those phoney “psychedelic” lightshows going on on all the walls and ceiling and my friend goes “man, if they played those things during a real acid trip, you’re mind would have been blown forever!” which is true. Movies and tv started portraying acid trips like that because they couldn’t figure out any other way to show what it really was like. Hey, and not a whiff of…no, not that, you have to go outside if you want to smell hash…incense! Or patchouli or sandlewood oil anywhere. Would have been nice if someone(s) had done more research and more leg work—they could have asked the public to contribute their old hippy things (cause, you know, I can’t even fit one leg in the old hip hugger jeans that I embroidered the flying crane in a sunrise over a field with mountains in the background to cover where the denim had rubbed through) and had the real thing instead of modern fakes.

    June 22, 2017
  2. roe

    So true

    July 08, 2017